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An age marked by constant change calls forth need for clear structures with regard to operating processes and interpersonal relations in management and employees alike. Consistently increasing workloads amongst the totality of organisational members are taking their toll on the efficiency of cooperative teams. Therefore, trainings and practices aimed to counteract these tendencies and to expand efficiency in teams through the implementation of clear communication and through strengthening effective conflict management are playing an increasingly important role in the organisational context.

We developed the following offers with the objective to support your company and yourself in the development of sustainable organizational structures and in shaping a sustainable company. For the sustainable creation of success can only thrive in an organisational culture marked by wholesome work structures.

Team Resource Management (TRM), Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Performance pressure, demanding work, narrow time frames? A contemporary scenario! Even small mistakes can steer severe consequences. The TRM/CRM method has proven effective with high performance teams such as Cockpit-Crews in air travel or surgical teams in clinical facilities. In short, wherever handling stress is a crucial part of the day-to-day business. The transformation of single employees into greatly efficient, high-performing, successful teams – this is the core feature of TRM/CRM trainings. The method is applicable to any team.

Self- and Stress Management Training

Today’s work structures progressively call for a well-adjusted work-life balance, a work-life balance that does not isolate the professional from the private. How can I – as an individual – achieve this balance between the professional and the private? What are the implications for us as a team, our organization, our work process?
We can learn how to cope with stress and pressure. Learning to cope is essential in order for work to remain manageable and for success to set in.

Talent Management

Currently, organizations are confronted with the severe effects of demographic changes on all generally available human resources as well as the level of expertise and specialisation amongst personnel and applicants alike. Arranging for said future changes requires preparation today. We are by your side – provisioning you with profound knowledge about the relevant aspects of demographic changes while implementing approved concepts and reliable methods.


As ones personality matures, professionally and privately, obstacles and interferences have to be overcome in order to adapt to these two ever-evolving areas of life. While in coaching, you are enabled to gain awareness of these obstructions. In cooperation with your coach you will then develop strategies and plans to overcome these restraints.

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