Sabine Nord - Profile


Diplom-Psychologist Sabine Nord has worked as sabine nord consulting training coaching in cooperation with partners since 2001. During this time Sabine Nord worked as a trainer, consultant, systemic coach and team developer for specialists and executives in a variety of businesses and trades.

Main topics:

  • Leadership behavior
  • Team development
  • Communication- and Conflict behaviour
  • Stress-, Time- and Self management
  • Rhetoric, Presentation, Body Language
  • Personnel selection , Assessment- and Development centre, Talent management
  • Organisational health management
  • Training and Coaching
  • Physio&Coaching (a combination of systemic Coaching and physiotherapy treatment)

Professional Career:

  • Dipl. Psychology, Universität Hamburg: Clinical, Pedagogical Psychology, Work-, Labour-, and Organisational Psychology
  • Advanced training as a systemic coach and systemic team- and organizational developer (certified by the DBVC, German Federal Association of Executive Coaching, registered association)
  • Certified KODE®-analyis and trainer (instrument for competence diagnostics and -development)
  • Training as physiotherapist, Brügger- and Shiatsu-therapist
  • Member of ddn (The Demographic Network), EAAP (European Association of Aviation Psychology, DGLP (German association of Aviation Psychology)

sabine nord
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23820 pronstorf

fon/fax +49 4101 5954580
mobil +49 171 48 84 083