Sabine Nord - Team Ressource Management

Team Ressource Management

Professional trainings for high-pressure teams and managers

Airplane crews, Airplane carrier- and nuclear plant employees, surgical-, and other high-pressure teams are all successfully applying these trainings in their day-to-day work. All these teams have in common that rapid and clear communication is of critical importance when grave errors are to be avoided.

TRM is most suitable for high performing teams in stressful environments.

Focus of this training:

  • Communication training as a mean to prevent potential conflicts and as a regulator of conflicts
  • The establishment of a so-called error-culture in an error-sensitive environment
  • Efficient conflict management
  • Prioritizing tasks responsibly under high time pressure
  • Optimal leadership with regard to decision-making responsibility for the team, as well as the result
  • The establishment of an efficiency supporting team spirit

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