Sabine Nord - Stress Management

Stress Management

Confronting high demanding tasks professionally

Global competition is fierce and advancing, demanding high mobility and ever-increasing pace in communication flows. Mergers and aquisitions are transforming familiar organizational structures. Familiar routines are being replaced by day-to-day challenges. This development exceeds a notable effect on the working conditions of executives. Holding an executive position entails autonomous decision making when managing projects, the efficient organization of work processes, and the instruction of teams – all while decoding and processing the stream of information. Withstanding pressure and sustaining good health in this high-pressure environment is of the most importance in order to guarantee a sustained workflow.

Stress management training is directed to develop and consolidate strategies and actions for the preservation of health and productivity in your employees:

  • Handling personal stressors constructively
  • Coming to terms with ones individual resources for effective coping
  • Mastering techniques for time management and problem solving
  • Shaping a stress reducing team culture
  • Acquisition of selected relaxation techniques

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