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A trainee`s and coachee’s expectations can vary greatly. Mostly they lay within these areas ...

  • Management and behaviour in teams
  • Leadership
  • Personality development
  • Self- and Stress management
  • Conflict management
  • Decision-making
  • Professional- and Personal orientation

Are you in the middle of strategically reorienting professionally? Are you at a loss on which direction to choose?
Do you regularly encounter career-regarding issues in your professional life? Are you experiencing difficulties when structuring projects or when handling conflict? Do you feel anxious when speaking in front of a crowd?

The impact of job-related strain on the body can also manifest in psychosomatic symptoms. Burnout can be one consequence of job-related overload. Body and soul always strive for balance. Physio&Coaching constitutes a connection between coaching and physical therapy (e.g. relaxation techniques, muscle relaxation and – treatment) in combination with a systemic coaching approach.

Training and coaching as a means of professional consultation within HR- and management development has been shown to be highly effective within many organizations. This efficacy is owed to the flexibility and adaptability. Allowing adjustments based on customer’s needs and individual issues. Whatever the specific characteristics may be, lets reflect together on the efficacy of a training and coaching topics for yourself or your team and how coaching can benefit you personally and professionally.

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